Raspberry Pi Whole Home Monitor

Welcome, Self-Hosted listeners! I’m super excited to be able to bring my project to you all through a group buy offering.

Project Overview

This project is an extremely affordable, yet highly capable “build-your-own” energy monitoring solution. With up to six total inputs, you can monitor many different consumption and production sources.

This is truly a “self-hosted” solution for energy monitoring. No data leaves your Raspberry Pi – everything is stored locally. You’ll only need a network connection to view the energy dashboard remotely over your LAN.

What about solar PV systems (or generators, wind turbines, etc)?

My solar PV system was my primary motivating factor for creating this project. I simply wanted to know: Are my panels producing enough to power my entire home right this instant, or am I still having to import power from the grid? With real time monitoring and feedback this project offers, you can see your instantaneous power status, along with several other highlights. Here’s a few of them:

Daily Summary

Furthermore, you can see a “net usage” chart, which visually depicts when your source of power production is not producing enough, forcing your home to consume from the grid, or when you are over producing and delivering energy back into the grid:

Positive values indicate net-consumption. Negative values indicate net-production.
(right click and select view image to see the image full size)

If you have questions about the project, feel free to get in touch. Or, if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, check out the Store to see what we have available!

This site is primarily for facilitating order processing. Please refer to my Github page for all technical documentation, setup instructions, and theory behind its operation: