The Raspberry Pi Power Monitor is a 100% open source software and hardware solution for a variety of monitoring needs. With a DIY approach, you can quickly and easily meet your unique requirements.


  • Individual circuit load monitoring (up to 6 circuits)
  • Whole home/workshop power monitoring
  • Power production & generator systems
  • Net metering (ie, grid-tied solar PV systems)
  • Custom alerting profiles
  • Inspect current and voltage harmonics (0.5s snapshots)
  • Provides up to 1 second updates

Note: Currently for single/split-phase systems only. 3-phase systems are not supported.

For technical documentation, please refer to the project Wiki on Github:

Available Metrics

  • Current
  • Voltage
  • Real Power
  • Power Factor
  • Total Daily Usage
  • Total Daily Production
  • Peak Daily Usage
  • Peak Daily Production
  • Daily Net Power Summary
  • Instantaneous Net Status

Current Transformers

The current transformers offered with this project have been selected based on their compatibility with this project. If you want to use your own current transformers, you should make sure it puts out a current and then calculate and source the proper value burden resistor to use on the PCB. More details on this subject are in the project Wiki:

Current transformers purchased from my store will include the correct value burden resistor for you to solder onto the PCB.