Project Overview

This project is an extremely affordable, yet highly capable “build-your-own” energy monitoring solution. With up to six total inputs, you can monitor many different consumption and production sources, providing you with a highly customizable platform to meet your unique monitoring needs. What can it do? See below!


  • Real-time monitoring for up to 6 individual circuits and 1 voltage source
  • Historical power consumption reporting
  • Net-power monitoring for integrating with solar PV systems, generators, and wind-turbines
  • Key electrical figures such as real power, power factor, voltage, amperage, and watts
  • 100% self-contained – no data leaves your system!
  • Fully customizable dashboard view to support a variety of monitoring needs

If you have questions about the project, feel free to get in touch. Or, if you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, check out the Store to see what we have available!

This site is primarily for facilitating order processing. Please find the planning and setup documentation at the link below: